Sostenibilidad Incusa

Innovating, while advancing sustainability and environmental protection


Our purpose points the way to our common future.
The challenge of Climate Change is global and at INCUSA we are committed to achieving Environmental Excellence. Following our trajectory of more than 60 years, we work to contribute our grain of sand to Global Sustainability by:

Determination and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Life Cycle Analysis of products

Minimization of CO2 emissions

Responsible water consumption

Progressive use of ""green"" energy

Optimal waste management


Our purpose is a call to action.
Committed to Nature, our responsibility is to take care of our environment thanks to INCUSA's Biodiversity Management Plan. Based on a continuous improvement cycle certified by ISO 14001:2015 , the plan consists of:"

Analysis of existing biodiversity

Study of the environmental impacts generated by the activity.

Establishment of measures to control and minimize them, and even to improve the current state.

In this case, it is worth mentioning the implementation of a progressive Restoration Plan for the operation, consisting, broadly speaking, of topographic restitution and revegetation of the affected environment.

Health and Safety

Our purpose reflects who we are.
INCUSA has established a Health and Safety Policy that guarantees the guiding principles in an integrated way in the day-to-day processes, in accordance with the guidelines of the Saint-Gobain Group and certified by ISO 45001:2018.

Training and communication of information to workers and contractors, as a key pillar for the prevention of incidents in the workplace.

Commitment to compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization has subscribed as part of the Saint-Gobain Group.

To prevent damage and deterioration of the health of its workers.


Our commitment is supported by the values that guide us.
Within the framework of the Saint-Gobain Group's Principles of Conduct and Performance, the mission of the Incusa team stems from the respect for people, diversity and humanist values that are reflected in the Company's culture every day. We act and work every day to leave a positive mark on our immediate environment.

They are part of a strong culture that spans more than 350 years of history and a demanding international institutional framework. In 2019, we jointly published with Saint-Gobain our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) roadmap to rigorously monitor our progress on our priority CSR issues.

This roadmap presents the credible and ambitious objectives we have set ourselves for 2025 and is intended to support the management of our strategy.

Compliance with legislation

Satisfaction of expectations and needs

Impact management

Ethics and consistency