For more than 50 years, Incusa has acquired a solid experience as a supplier of foundry sands and has established itself in Spain as an essential reference in this increasingly demanding market.

Highly valued by our customers, we work in continuous improvement in close collaboration with the quality departments to innovate and improve their processes.

Competitive Advantages

· Homogeneity and purity.
· Sphericity of the grains.
· High resistance to crushing.
· Wide range of particle size cuts AFA 40 to 75.
· Acid demand control.
funddición. Incusa


· Worldwide reference for more than 50 years
· High level of quality
· Security in supply
· Commitment to sustainable development
· Optimized land/sea logistics
· Innovation in collaboration with the customer

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fundición . Incusa

Innovating, while advancing sustainability and environmental protection

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