Potassium Feldspar

Potassium feldspar is a key raw material in the glass and ceramics industry as a fluxing and stabilising agent. It is obtained from a differential flotation process that guarantees its stability.
It is shipped in different granulometries in grains or micronised according to the customer's needs.
After a washing and classification process, 2 flotation and drying phases are carried out to obtain the potassium feldspar.
Depending on the granulometry requested by the client, it is sieved or ground to obtain the required profile.

Competitive Advantages

· Estabilidad química.
· Alto contenido en Alúmina y Potasio.
· Bajo nivel de hierro.
· Amplia gama de referencias según granulometría.
· Experiencia para el desarrollo de nuevas referencias.


· Worldwide reference for more than 50 years
· High level of quality
· Security in supply
· Commitment to sustainable development
· Optimized land/sea logistics
· Innovation in collaboration with the customer


Innovating, while advancing sustainability and environmental protection